Body & bath

Epsom Salt Baths a Ticket to Healthy SkinTypes of bathsDepending on the state of the human body requires different kinds of baths.Salty. After the hard slog of good to take a bath salt - 250-500g of salt to the bath. The water temperature is 25-30°C. The procedure lasts 15 minutes. Bath can be taken once a week. After it is necessary to rinse the shower. These baths are useful to those who want to lose weight.
You can take salt baths course: a day or two, just 8-12 baths. You can repeat it on the advice of a physician no sooner than 8-10 months. Weakened and tired quickly people better take a sea bath in the morning, an hour after breakfast. The water temperature for them to be 34 - 35 degrees, 5-7 minutes duration of the procedure, and after the bath to sit or lie down for half an hour. Typically, after the baths restored sleep passes headache, decrease pain in joints and muscles.

Herbal. It is recommended for oily seborrhea, acne, acne, etc. The mixture of herbs for the bath can be selected variety. They are boiled or insist.- Chamomile has a calming effect, relieves cramps.- Lipa useful for insomnia.- Rosemary refreshes and tones, works well with fatigue.- Chamomile and sweet flag, thanks to the aromatic substances, stimulate the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs.- Oak bark ( broth or solution of 200-300g of tannin ) helps with rheumatism and various skin diseases.- Black tea gives the skin a light tan color and tones (4 dec. Liter. Tea per 250 ml of water for 10 minutes, pour into a bath).It tones the bath with the infusion of the leaves of peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, juniper branches and fruits. Flax seed and chamomile are recommended for very dry skin ( for the present is over 100g of each herb).

Of starch. It is recommended for "goose" of actinic skin and epidermis. It is made with the addition of starch ( 500g starch or oatmeal broth ) and 1 tbsp. liter. pine extract . After the bath, it is desirable to rub into the still damp skin nourishing cream.

Softwood. If you are very tired in the evening should look fresh and be in good health, you need to prepare a bath with the addition of 3 items. liter. pine extract and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. If
there are no pills or coniferous extract, need to grind a little fir or pine needles, brewed with boiling water, let stand for 1-2 hours, drain and add to the water. The water temperature is 34-38°C. In the bath preferably well relax and soak 15 minutes.

Oil. It softens the skin, making it silky bath with a few teaspoons of oil mixture. To do this, take 3 parts castor or almond oil and 1 part of any essential - coniferous ( pine ), floral, citrus, oil of rose, jasmine, lavender or mint.

Eucalyptus. 10 drops of eucalyptus oil is added in a moderately warm bath. Adopt a procedure for 10 minutes. Bath leaves the skin velvety soft, supple, reduces stimulation of the nervous system.

Bran. Bath with added bran soothe irritation, itching, eliminate dryness and roughness. 300g of oat, almond or rice bran was placed in a bag made ​​of silk or gauze and dipped in the water. This pouch can be used 2-3 times.

Honey. Calms the nervous system. 200-250g of honey was added to the water bath temperature of 35-36°C. The procedure lasts 15 minutes. Then you need to rinse and go to bed.

Foams. Bubble baths are especially useful for those who want to lose weight. But you need not take them very often, and with a healthy heart. After a bubble bath needs rest for at least 30 minutes.