Best drugstore body scrub

What would our body looked good, we must not only exercise , but also learn how to properly care for the skin. Scrub - this is the first mandatory procedure with which you should start if you want to get a result. I can think of a few recipes the best body scrubs made ​​from natural products that can be easily made ​​at home and after the application of which , your skin will not look worse than after the use of expensive scrubs in SPA- salons.

My best body scrubs are:coffee , sugar , honey and oatmeal .

Coffee body scrub.

Coffee scrub - the most popular body scrub , because so many women dream to get rid of cellulite and it is caffeine (breaks down subcutaneous fat) and antioxidants ( to prevent premature aging of the skin) is contained in the tea leaves help us solve this problem. To prepare the coffee scrub , you can use the coffee , but if you want to get a much greater effect , it is best to take a freshly unused coffee, which contains more active ingredients.
So, prepare scrub.
Coffee grounds breed a small amount of water to form a dough , then add the sour cream . Can be used instead of sour cream or milk, but in this case the water in the coffee grounds are added.
Dissolve the coffee grounds with a little water and add the honey and flax seed oil or olive oil . Take all the ingredients in equal amounts.
Before use, clean up and scrub the body with hot steam out duschem .
Apply the scrub by massaging gently . Start with the feet and head to the heart. Massage yourself for a few minutes, and then rinse scrub without the use of detergents.
If you take the coffee grounds are very finely ground , then this can be used to scrub the skin.

Sugar body scrub.
You've probably noticed that transferring my best body scrubs , I made ​​no mention of such a conventional salt scrub . Of course , I know the recipe for this scrub and write it , but I want to warn you that it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. I also feel after applying this ops discomfort, so it is not a favorite attribute . But sugar scrub opposite is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Sugar scrubs are one of the easiest home- spa- products. With a choice of colored sugar you can experiment and choose what you like , but personally I like to use brown sugar and cinnamon . The fact is that cinnamon is very good for enhancing the effect of sports activities .
I give you the basic recipe , but you can modify it as much as you want , choosing your perfect option. Instead, the essential oils can enhance ingredients such as lemon juice, honey ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, pineapple and even to have an enzyme that assists in perfect exfoliation .
If you want to experiment to find the perfect recipe , keep track of what you're doing, so you know when you reach a combination that really works. If you experiment without keeping track , that once you achieve the desired result, you can not restore your masterpiece next time.
Take 1/2 cup oil . Use almond oil , grape seed oil or coconut oil . Do not use a simple vegetable oil , or at least take the olive oil.
1 cup of sugar.
Several drops of essential oils of high quality. Essential oil of choice should depend on how you want to feel yourself after the procedure. Lavender - relaxing , ylang- ylang incites passion , lemon grass oil - refreshing, rosemary - stimulates ... You can experiment and make your own mix.
Put the sugar in a small container .
Add butter , stir well with a wooden spoon or stick. The texture should be sufficiently moist and smooth, but not too greasy. Add a few drops of essential oil ( or more oil ) for aromatherapy. Optional - you can add 1 -1.5 tablespoons of milk or cream.
So, your scrub is ready for use. It is enough to use it once a week.
For this facial scrub is not recommended.
How to make honey scrub I wrote earlier. Those interested in the recipe , read here .Scrub of oatmeal and honey.
Oatmeal - is an indispensable product for those who want to look good. Oatmeal can not only eat , make a mask out of it , but it still turns out fine oatmeal scrub . And he did so . You have to grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal, add the honey (preferably liquid) , mix well . All your scrub is ready , use it after a shower.
Scrub of oatmeal can be applied to the skin of the face.Scrub with sea salt.
This scrub , as I said , not one of my favorites and I would advise you before using this scrub , to test for allergic reactions. Skrabirovat it is necessary to wet body in a circular motion , and then take a shower with soap and water or an anti-cellulite gel.
But this recipe .
Take 4-5 tablespoons of sea salt and combine it with grapefruit, grated with the peel and add the olive oil.
Remember the best body scrub - this scrub made ​​from natural products.