Body & bath

Epsom Salt Baths a Ticket to Healthy SkinTypes of bathsDepending on the state of the human body requires different kinds of baths.Salty. After the hard slog of good to take a bath salt - 250-500g of salt to the bath. The water temperature is 25-30°C. The procedure lasts 15 minutes. Bath can be taken once a week. After it is necessary to rinse the shower. These baths are useful to those who want to lose weight.

Best drugstore body scrub

What would our body looked good, we must not only exercise , but also learn how to properly care for the skin. Scrub - this is the first mandatory procedure with which you should start if you want to get a result. I can think of a few recipes the best body scrubs made ​​from natural products that can be easily made ​​at home and after the application of which , your skin will not look worse than after the use of expensive scrubs in SPA- salons.