Facial mask for men | at home

Facial mask for men at home
Cosmetic face mask is used not only women but also men. For the stronger sex also developed various series of masks, designed to promote the health of the skin.As you know, the skin on the face of men more prone to stress and irritation than women, but few of the male representatives concerned about the state of their skin. Men face masks, it is not accepted to apply. However, like most of the series, there are world famous manufacturers of cosmetics. It is better to reject stereotypes and engage health of your skin, so you do not regret the fact that time is irretrievably lost.

Men face masks from Algologie 

Men face masks from the company Algologie are a wonderful tool that will help keep youth men's skin, giving it a healthy look. Algologie LE MASQUE HOMME composed mainly of natural components such as wheat germ extract, aloe, and other nutrients. This mask is perfectly refreshes the skin, tired skin tone returns, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Regular use of the mask, you can make the skin more even and smooth. Complexion with a more natural, well-groomed. The mask will be effective if you have dry, irritated skin, the mask will saturate your skin with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, eliminate flaking and irritation.

Men face masks from EISENBERG

Men's facial masks of EISENBERG, perfectly clear skin, eliminating from the surface excess oil and dirt. The mask contains nutrients such as vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant. Through the action of the active components effectively mask constrict dilated pores and making it flat and smooth.

Men face masks from CHRISTIAN DIOR

Men face masks from CHRISTIAN DIOR - this series of masks from a reputable manufacturer of cosmetics. Using these masks, you will be able to regain the freshness of the skin of your face, wrinkles and even skin color. The composition comprises extracts masks white and red tea, which have excellent toning properties, as well as substances that neutralize free radicals and other environmental impacts. Masks have regenerative abilities, make the skin more elastic. Apply the mask enough once a week.